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Rules have many uses, coming in a multitude of forms. RuleML is a unifying system of families of languages for Web rules over Web documents and data. RuleML is specified syntactically through schema languages (normatively, in Relax NG), originally developed for XML and transferable to other formats such as JSON. Since Version 1.02, rather than assuming predefined default semantics, RuleML allows partially constrained semantic profiles and fully-specified semantics. PSOA RuleML employs model-theoretic semantics and transformational realizations, bridges between (deductive) graph and relational databases and other data paradigms, formalizes Cypher-like labeled property graphs, and is illustrated via (blockchain, ...) examples and (air traffic control, ...) use cases.

As a research-based language system, RuleML explores the fine-grained modularization of a large language lattice, acting as the connector between Prolog and N3, F-logic and TPTP, RIF and Common Logic, etc. As an industry-focused de facto standard, RuleML spans across all industrially relevant kinds of rules, having become the overarching specification of Web rules cross-fertilizing with corresponding OMG specifications (mainly SBVR, PRR, and API4KP) and constituting the foundation of an OASIS specification (LegalRuleML). RuleML has already accommodated, extended, and built interoperation bridges between other rule languages, including W3C member submissions (SWRL and SWSL). It thus acts as a knowledge-interoperation hub (paper, slides) encompassing a broad range of rules from controlled natural language (cf. RuleML Primer) to object/graph-relational data and programs (cf. PSOA RuleML).

The current specification of the Deliberation RuleML family is Version 1.02, of the Reaction RuleML family is Version 1.02, and of the Consumer RuleML family is Version 1.02. Slides corresponding to versions of this wiki page were presented at RuleML 2013 (pdf, pptx) and at RuleML 2014 (pdf, pptx). A paper (pdf) about RuleML Version 1.02 (incl. the Consumer RuleML 1.02 release) was prepared for the joint poster (pdf) session of RuleML 2015, and a talk (pdf) on the RuleML System of Families of Languages (incl. the Deliberation RuleML 1.02 release) was presented in the opening session of RuleML 2016. PSOA RuleML 1.0 was presented (pdf) in the standards session of RuleML+RR 2017. PSOA RuleML regulations of medical devices (paper, slides) and Air Traffic Control (ATC) (paper, slides) as well as a PSOA Prova combination (paper, slides) were presented at RuleML+RR 2018. PSOA RuleML 1.03 was specified in XML (paper, slides), its PSOATransRun 1.4.2 reasoner was put into context (poster), as well as used for ATC across PSOA RuleML and IDP (paper, slides), all presented at RuleML+RR 2019.

1 RuleML Organization
  • RuleML Inc. has an open non-profit structure
  • Drives the specification of standard semantic-technology & business rules
  • Coordinates rule research & development and holds international meetings
2 RuleML Standards Effort
  • Connects Web rule efforts across academia, standards bodies, and industry
  • Dovetails with Web ontology efforts as part of the semantic technology stack
  • Provides the de facto standard for rule-based knowledge representation
  • Main input to RIF; part of SWRL and SWSL; foundation of LegalRuleML
  • Uses RuleML Specification License, Version 1.0 (RSL1.0)
3 Foundational RuleML Technology
4 Extended RuleML Technology
5 RuleML Uses
6 RuleML Versions
7 RuleML Meetings
8 Getting Involved
9 Partners
  • The RuleML meeting series is grateful to its annual Sponsors and Partners
  • The RuleML meeting and organization chairs can be contacted about Sponsoring or Partnering
  • The RuleML non-profit organization acknowledges its long-term Partners (click logos below)

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