Validating with NVDL for RuleML 1.03

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Jump to: navigation, search is an easy-to-use online tool for validating an XML instance against an NVDL schema. A basic procedure for using this tool is as follows:

  1. Open the webpage in your browser.
  2. Choose how you want to enter the instance:
    • File Upload -- use the browse dialog to locate the file on your local hard drive or network;
    • Text Field -- type or paste text directly into the text area.
  1. Skip the Encoding field
  2. Type or paste a URL to the schema you wish to validate against. Only schemas available from the internet can be used. For example:
  1. Select "Be lax about HTTP Content-Type"
  2. Skip the rest of the fields, and click Validate.
  3. The result will appear below, followed by a copy of the instance source.

To go straight to the validation results click here.

Note that depends on instances and schemas being served with the correct MIME type. In this case, the RuleML server is configured (using .htaccess) to serve files with extension .nvdl as application/xml.

An online demo of validation using the RuleML schemas with, including more advanced options, is available at the Demo section of the MYNG Wiki. Other tools that may be used for validation against NVDL schemas are described in the Tools section of the MYNG Wiki.