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Since RuleML should help rule-system interoperation, (XSLT, ...) translators for RuleML rulebases are rather important. Please send us further translator pairs between your system and RuleML -- even if your translators are (still) partial.

1 Current

2 Non-current

In February 2001 Mike Dean created the first operational RuleML rulebase, GEDCOM, with rules on family relationships (child, spouse, etc.) run via XSLT translators to the XSB, JESS, and n3/cwm engines.

2001-09-17: Harold Boley has specified XSLT translators between the Horn-logic subsets of RuleML and RFML. These can make implementations of both systems available to each other and permit, e.g., a preliminary HTML rendering of RuleML rulebases. The XSLT stylesheets may also serve as blueprints for specifying further translators to/fro RuleML.

2001-09-19: Andreas Eberhart implemented an alpha version of OntoJava. The basic idea is to automatically map Protégé ontologies, instances defined in them, and RuleML rules into a sinlge Java main memory DB / rule engine that can then be used as the basis of an application. He is looking forward to hearing of your ideas and input.

2002-02-04: Andreas Eberhart extended OntoJava by reaction rules: '

                         +, false);

This example loads RDF info into the DB, which comes from a kind of Web Service. So emails can be sent as well, etc. While this is not 'cross-platform', it should be interessting from an engineering point of view.

2002-07-08: Said Tabet created an XSLT stylesheet for transforming from a version of RuleML to Jess. The full Java environment for running this is available from Said Tabet.

2003-08-26: Stephen Greene has specified XSLT translators between Positional and Object-Oriented RuleML.

2004-08-12: David Hirtle has created an XSLT translator between RuleML 0.86 and 0.87 as part of the 0.87 release.

2005-03-01: David Hirtle has created an Upgrader XSLT "upgrader" to translate between RuleML 0.87 and 0.88 as part of the 0.88 release. An Normalizer XSLT "normalizer" for reconstructing all skipped role tags to achieve a fully-expanded, normal form is also included with this release.

2005-05-27: The Upgrader XSLT "upgrader" from 0.88 to 0.89 has been created as part of the 0.89 release. An Normalizer updated XSLT "normalizer" for achieving a normal form is also included.

2005-09-13: Jie Li has updated an earlier translator from RFML to RuleML Stylesheet as part of the ChemXelem use case.

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