Timeline of Deliberation RuleML 1.03-psoa

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1 Deliberation RuleML 1.03-psoa Development Initialization

[@@@, 2018] The Github branch https://github.com/RuleML/deliberation-ruleml/tree/1.03-psoa has been created for Deliberation RuleML 1.03-psoa. This is for the release of PSOA RuleML#Specification, complementing Timeline of Deliberation RuleML 1.03.

2 State of the Deliberation RuleML 1.03-psoa Release

2.1 Wiki Pages Updated

2.2 Github Issues Resolved in 1.03-psoa

The following RuleML Github issues must be resolved in 1.03-psoa. Those that have already been resolved are preceded with the date of resolution. (To be considered resolved, the full implementation must be merged into the 1.03-psoa branch, the issue closed and the issue branch deleted.)