Timeline of Deliberation RuleML 1.03

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1 Deliberation RuleML 1.03 Development Initialization

[July 28, 2017] The Github branch https://github.com/RuleML/deliberation-ruleml/tree/1.03 has been created for Deliberation RuleML 1.03. This is for the release of Specification of Deliberation RuleML 1.03, complemented by Timeline of Deliberation RuleML 1.03-psoa. The Wiki Issues to be addressed in the 1.03 release will be listed in Category:Changes for Deliberation RuleML 1.03.

2 State of the Deliberation RuleML 1.03 Release

2.1 Wiki Pages Updated

2.2 Github Issues Resolved in 1.03

The following RuleML Github issues must be resolved in 1.03. Those that have already been resolved are preceded with the date of resolution. (To be considered resolved, the full implementation must be merged into the 1.03 branch, the issue closed and the issue branch deleted.)

2.3 Wiki Issue Changes for 1.03 Pages

The top-level view of the release is given by the Changes pages:

2.4 Wiki Issue Status Pages for 1.03

The following Category pages of the RuleML Wiki provide a dynamic view into progress towards the RuleML 1.03 release.