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The RuleML Webinars feature rule topics of shared interest to the RuleML community. Each Webinar currently consists of a 30-minute presentation interleaved with / followed by about 10 minutes of discussion. Presenters provide their slides (PDFized as exemplified in the Title column below) prior to the Skype-based Webinars (using "Share Screens"). The events typically happen on the last Friday of the month at 9 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 PM Central Europe. Discussions sometimes continue in the RuleML Telecons immediately after the Webinars -- and have led to constructive feedback, new connections, and off-line follow-up. Prospective presenters should contact Harold Boley.

Date Presenter Title Material
2019-04-26 Tomáš Kliegr From Association Rules to Interpretable Classification Models - A Tutorial paper, R package arc, R package qCBA, Web UI EasyMiner
2019-03-29 Sotiris Moschoyiannis Condition-Action Rules in Controlling Complex Systems Paper 1, Paper 2
2019-02-22 Diego Calvanese Ontology-based Access to Temporal Data
2019-01-25 Nikos Triantafyllou Smart Contracts and Formal Reasoning: "Should we trust in code after all?"
2018-11-30 Francis McCabe Star - A Modern Programming Language and a Splash of Logic Implementation
2018-10-26 Mark Proctor Modernizing Drools: From Production Rules to Blended AI Implementation
2018-09-28 Doerthe Arndt Semantics of Notation3 Logic: From Implicit to Explicit Quantification Paper
2018-08-31 Paul Fodor Knowledge Authoring for Rule-based Reasoning Implementation, Paper 1, Paper 2
2018-07-27 Elisa Kendall Best Practices in Using and Extending FIBO for Data Governance: A Cook's Tour and Applications for Rules Site
2018-06-29 Kia Teymourian An Experimental Comparison of Complex Object Implementations for Big Data Systems Paper, Video
2018-05-25 Wolfgang Faber Aggregates in Recursion: Issues and Solutions Paper
2018-04-27 Gen Zou Translators for Interoperating and Porting Object-Relational Knowledge Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3, Paper 4, PhD Thesis
2018-03-23 Francesco Ricca ASP in Industrial Contexts: Applications and Toolchain Paper 1, Paper 2
2018-02-23 Marcello Ceci Legal Patterns for Different Constitutive Rules Paper
2018-01-26 Xavier Parent A rule-based deontic reasoner Paper
2017-11-24 Miguel Calejo Logical Contracts: Logical Contract Server Preview Site
2017-09-29 Alexander Steen Leo-III: The World's Most Widely Applicable Modal Logic Theorem Prover (and its Associated Infrastructure) Paper
2017-07-28 Michael Wessel OntoVPA - Building an ontology-based rule engine for dialogue management on SPARQL + OWL
2017-06-30 Roman Kontchakov Ontology-Based Data Access and OWL 2 QL
2017-05-26 William Van Woensel Optimized, Bottom-Up Semantic Web Reasoning based on OWL2 RL in Resource-Constrained Settings (pptx)
2017-04-28 Jacob Feldman Using Machine Learning for Compression of Large Classification Rulesets
2017-03-31 Nick Bassiliades Rule-Based Trust Among Agents Using Defeasible Logic
2017-02-24 Giovanni De Gasperis DALI for Cognitive Robotics: Principles and Prototype Implementation Video
2017-01-27 Stefania Costantini Dynamic Rule Systems: fighting against Brittleness
2016-06-20 Leah Bidlake Translating HornlogEq RuleML to Grailog for SVG Visualization
2015-01-22 Fariba Sadri LPS and its Kernel KELPS: Logic-Based State Transition Frameworks