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The RuleML Webinars feature rule topics of shared interest to the RuleML community. Each Webinar currently consists of a 30-minute presentation interleaved with / followed by about 10 minutes of discussion. Presenters provide their slides (PDFized as exemplified in the Title column below) prior to the Skype-based Webinars (using "Share Screens"). The events typically happen on the last Friday of the month at 9 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern / 6 PM Central Europe. Discussions sometimes continue in the RuleML Telecons immediately after the Webinars -- and have led to constructive feedback, new connections, and off-line follow-up. The organization of this Webinar series was started in January 2015 by Harold Boley, who ran it until June 2019. Starting in July 2019, the RuleML Webinar organization has been continued by Tomáš Kliegr, who should be contacted by prospective presenters.

Date Presenter Title Material
2019-06-28 Joseph Potvin An Internet of Rules: System Overview Site
2019-05-31 Adam Wyner Annotating and Querying Content within Machine-readable Legal Instruments Papers
2019-04-26 Tomáš Kliegr From Association Rules to Interpretable Classification Models - A Tutorial Paper, R package arc, R package qCBA, Web UI EasyMiner
2019-03-29 Sotiris Moschoyiannis Condition-Action Rules in Controlling Complex Systems Paper 1, Paper 2
2019-02-22 Diego Calvanese Ontology-based Access to Temporal Data
2019-01-25 Nikos Triantafyllou Smart Contracts and Formal Reasoning: "Should we trust in code after all?"
2018-11-30 Francis McCabe Star - A Modern Programming Language and a Splash of Logic Implementation
2018-10-26 Mark Proctor Modernizing Drools: From Production Rules to Blended AI Implementation
2018-09-28 Doerthe Arndt Semantics of Notation3 Logic: From Implicit to Explicit Quantification Paper
2018-08-31 Paul Fodor Knowledge Authoring for Rule-based Reasoning Implementation, Paper 1, Paper 2
2018-07-27 Elisa Kendall Best Practices in Using and Extending FIBO for Data Governance: A Cook's Tour and Applications for Rules Site
2018-06-29 Kia Teymourian An Experimental Comparison of Complex Object Implementations for Big Data Systems Paper, Video
2018-05-25 Wolfgang Faber Aggregates in Recursion: Issues and Solutions Paper
2018-04-27 Gen Zou Translators for Interoperating and Porting Object-Relational Knowledge Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3, Paper 4, PhD Thesis
2018-03-23 Francesco Ricca ASP in Industrial Contexts: Applications and Toolchain Paper 1, Paper 2
2018-02-23 Marcello Ceci Legal Patterns for Different Constitutive Rules Paper
2018-01-26 Xavier Parent A rule-based deontic reasoner Paper
2017-11-24 Miguel Calejo Logical Contracts: Logical Contract Server Preview Site
2017-09-29 Alexander Steen Leo-III: The World's Most Widely Applicable Modal Logic Theorem Prover (and its Associated Infrastructure) Paper
2017-07-28 Michael Wessel OntoVPA - Building an ontology-based rule engine for dialogue management on SPARQL + OWL
2017-06-30 Roman Kontchakov Ontology-Based Data Access and OWL 2 QL
2017-05-26 William Van Woensel Optimized, Bottom-Up Semantic Web Reasoning based on OWL2 RL in Resource-Constrained Settings (pptx)
2017-04-28 Jacob Feldman Using Machine Learning for Compression of Large Classification Rulesets
2017-03-31 Nick Bassiliades Rule-Based Trust Among Agents Using Defeasible Logic
2017-02-24 Giovanni De Gasperis DALI for Cognitive Robotics: Principles and Prototype Implementation Video
2017-01-27 Stefania Costantini Dynamic Rule Systems: fighting against Brittleness
2016-06-20 Leah Bidlake Translating HornlogEq RuleML to Grailog for SVG Visualization
2015-01-22 Fariba Sadri LPS and its Kernel KELPS: Logic-Based State Transition Frameworks