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The RuleML Webinars feature rule topics of shared interest to the RuleML community. Each Webinar currently consists of a 20-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute discussion. Presenters provide their slides (PDFized) prior to the Skype-based Webinars (using "Share Screens"). The events typically happen at 12 Noon Eastern / 6 PM Central Europe -- the beginning of RuleML Telecons -- on the last Friday of the month. Prospective presenters should contact Harold Boley.

Date Presenter Title Video
2017-04-28 Jacob Feldman Using Machine Learning for Compression of Large Classification Rulesets
2017-03-31 Nick Bassiliades Rule-Based Trust Among Agents Using Defeasible Logic
2017-02-24 Giovanni De Gasperis DALI for Cognitive Robotics: Principles and Prototype Implementation Youtube
2017-01-27 Stefania Costantini Dynamic Rule Systems: fighting against Brittleness
2016-06-20 Leah Bidlake Translating HornlogEqRuleML to Grailog for SVG Visualization
2015-01-22 Fariba Sadri LPS and its Kernel KELPS: Logic-Based State Transition Frameworks