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--WikiSysop (talk) 08:08, 20 October 2015 (ADT)

1 Issue Description

The inclusion of the version number in the filename of the transformers (e.g. compactifiers and normalizers) makes the script code less portable across versions.

2 Options

2.1 Option 0

Status quo - no change.

2.2 Option 1

Remove the version number from the filename of normalizers, compactifiers and instance postprocessors, but not from upgraders. The rationale for not changing the name of upgraders is the possibility of storing all upgraders in a single folder in which case the name must indicate the version.

For example,




There are occurrences of this file name in the following files:

  1. /bash/
  2. /bash/
  3. /bash/
  4. /bash/
  5. /xslt/compactifier/HEADER.html
  • Separately make the changes to the files in bash and xslt directories, then do a search for the file name in the whole project to see if there are any more occurrences.

3 Discussion

3.1 Recommended Option

Option 1.

3.2 Accepted Option

Option 1.

3.3 Related Issues

4 Resolution

4.1 Relax NG Modules

4.2 Relax NG Drivers

4.3 MYNG Engine


4.5 XSDs

4.6 Unit Tests

4.7 XSLTs

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