Release of Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03

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2020-03-11: Release of Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03
By Harold Boley, Tara Athan, Rima Chaudhari, Theodoros Mitsikas
Addressing the feedback received on the candidate release of Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03, its final release is now available at PSOA RuleML#Specification. It creates a synchronization point with the upcoming Specification of Deliberation RuleML 1.03. Deliberation PSOA RuleML 1.03 permits (XSLT-)transformation -- e.g., normalization -- and (RNC/XSD-)validation in serialization (XML) syntax as well as authoring and querying in presentation (plain-text) syntax. Its model-theoretic semantics is implemented by the operational semantics of the PSOATransRun 1.4.3 system. PSOA RuleML use cases include the Decision Management Challenge "Port Clearance Rules" and the FAA/ICAO-regulation-supporting "Air Traffic Control KB".

For more information, see Learn PSOA RuleML.