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Mission Statement: To develop RuleML as the canonical language system for Web rules through schema-defined syntax, formal semantics, and efficient implementations.

The overarching, modular schema specification of the RuleML system includes the Deliberation RuleML and Reaction RuleML families. RuleML is thus used to exchange knowledge bases and queries across rule-based systems, map between Web ontologies, and interoperate across dynamic network behaviors of workflows, services, and agents.

Mission Approach: Rather than focusing on academic research prototypes, RuleML is about rule interoperation between industry standards (e.g., by W3C, OMG, and OASIS) as well as established systems (e.g., for business rules, decision management, and complex event processing).

The Initiative has developed a highly modular, customizable schema specification for RuleML/XML along with transformations from and to other rule standards/systems. Moreover, it coordinates the development of tools to elicit, maintain, and execute RuleML rules. It also collects use cases, e.g. on business rules and reactive services.