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1 Issue Description

Add an input field to the MYNG GUI that accepts the URL for a RuleML instance. MYNG would return the lowest (on the language lattice) schema (Relax NG or XSD) that the instance validates against.

2 Options

2.1 Option 0

Status quo - no change.

2.2 Option 1

This could be implemented by exploiting (within Terms of Use) the[1] Web API[2]. A relatively small number of validations need to be performed

  • validate against the supremum schema - if not valid return error message
  • validate against every schema that is (bitwise) one lower (in myng code) than the supremum
  • find the meet code of those (from the previous step) that validate - this is the code for the smallest Relax NG schema that the instance will validate against.
  • find the XSD anchor schema as usual

2.3 Option 2

Similar to Option 1, except that RuleML could run its own instance of . This would require a java web host.

3 Discussion

4 Resolution

4.1 Relax NG Modules


4.2 Relax NG Drivers


4.3 MYNG Engine

Needs to be modified to implement the loop that calls


Needs to be modified to include a new text field for the instance URL and a new Submit button. Also optionally could be modified to display the schema configuration in checkboxes (this is a functionality that could also be exploited to reverse engineer schema configurations based on their myng code.

4.5 XSDs


4.6 Unit Tests


4.7 XSLTs


5 References

  2. Web Service Interface