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You can learn PSOA RuleML by following the links below, e.g. in a top-down fashion. You may, however, want to follow the bottom link for PSOATransRun early on.

Learn about data complemented by knowledge (ontologies and rules), with integrated graphs and relations, previewing PSOA RuleML via Cypher-like Labeled Property Graphs:

View basic PSOA RuleML examples:

Learn more notions of PSOA RuleML, illustrated by transitive closure knowledge about blockchains, trying and modifying examples in PSOATransRun:

Learn how PSOA RuleML bridges Graph Databases and Relational Databases conceptually, with its 3D metamodel, and programmatically, with rules in PSOATransRun:

Also see, in either order, PSOA RuleML's two bridge-building starting points:

Explore novel notion of PSOA RuleML perspectivity:

Select from example collection:

Explore some of the use cases:

Peek into work in progress:

Download newest PSOATransRun: