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RuleML Families : Specification of RuleML 1.02

Prerequisites: None, Level: Semi-formal

Reaction RuleML : Specification of Reaction RuleML

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Primer : Tutorial on RuleML

Prerequisites: None, Level: Informative

Relax NG Schemas : Machine-readable grammar in the Relax NG language

Prerequisites: Relax NG, Level: Formal

MYNG : Modular sYNtax confiGurator, a GUI for customizing Relax NG schemas

Prerequisites: None, Level: Formal

XSD Schemas : Machine-readable schemas in XSD

Prerequisites: XSD, Level: Formal

Normalizer : Stylesheet for transforming into the normal-form serialization

Prerequisites: XSLT, Level: Formal

Compactifier : Stylesheet for transforming into the compact serialization

Prerequisites: XSLT, Level: Formal

Upgrader : Stylesheets for transforming from earlier versions into Version 1.02

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Examples : Illustrative Instances of the Version 1.02 Language

Prerequisites: Primer, Level: Informative

Glossary : Definitions of Elements and Attributes

Prerequisites: Primer, Level: Semi-formal

Content Models : Simplified XML Element and Attribute Definitions

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Schema Docs : Diagrammatic Presentation of Content Models

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Implementations : Implemented RuleML tools

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2016-xx-yy -

Version 1.02 RNC dev

1 Simplified Relax NG

See the directory listing at .

These informative simplified monolithic compact Relax NG grammars are auto-generated from the normative XSD schemas by first converting to Relax NG using msv-rngconv (and manual post-processing), followed by the Bash script , which calls

  • Jing to simplify the normative modular Relax NG schemas, producing the result as in the XML-based syntax of Relax NG, and
  • Trang to convert back to the compact RNC syntax.

The content models thus produced are (feature) complete for the normalized, compact, and relaxed serializations, except for explicit datatyping (due to a bug in Jing).

2 HTML Schemadocs for XSDs

See the directory listing at .

The capabilities of oXygenXML are exploited to produce diagrammatic representations of the content models. The Bash script generates the Schemadocs from each of the normative XSD schemas (