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--WikiSysop (talk) 10:20, 27 September 2015 (ADT)

1 Issue Description

The attribute xml:base is no longer needed because CURIES (and in Reaction RuleML, terms from a local vocabulary) are used for abbreviating IRIs. While it could have an effect on embedded foreign content (within Data or content elements), the same effect could be achieved by using an xml:base attribute directly on the foreign element. Since the presence of the xml:base attribute on RuleML skippable edges causes complications in the compactification transformation (the attribute is dropped to the child node if it doesn't already have an xml:base attribute, but only if the edge is skippable), then it would clean things up to deprecate the xml:base attribute in Deliberation 1.02 and to delete the xml:base attribute from the RuleML 1.03 schemas entirely.

2 Options

2.1 Option 0

Status quo - no change.

2.2 Option 1

Restrict xml:base in Deliberation RuleML 1.02 to be used only on Data element with datatype xsd:anyURI.

2.3 Refinement A

Remove the xml:base checkbox from the MYNG GUI 1.02, and don't include the xml:base module in the drivers.

3 Discussion

Although the change in the schema has been implemented in Deliberation RuleML 1.02, it has not been implemented in Reaction RuleML 1.02. This is most easily accomplished during the conversion to TNC as the pivot schema.

3.1 Recommended Option

Option 1, without Refinement A in Deliberation RuleML 1.02, without automatic incorporation into Reaction RuleML with the conversion to Relax NG. Modifications to the MYNG GUI should be considered in a separate issue.

3.2 Accepted Option

  • Option 1 is implemented in Version 1.02
  • Refinement A is deferred to Verions 1.03

3.3 Related Issues

4 Resolution

4.1 Relax NG Modules

4.2 Relax NG Drivers

4.3 MYNG Engine


4.5 XSDs

4.6 Unit Tests

4.7 XSLTs

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