Abstract of RuleML Technical Memo: RuleML Controlled Language

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2020-06-27: Abstract of RuleML Technical Memo: RuleML Controlled Language
By Harold Boley
RuleML Controlled Language (RCL) is proposed as an interface for RuleML, particularly for PSOA RuleML's logical presentation syntax, employing natural-language-like keyword syntax, specifically English-like, so it can be easily (a) used by domain experts and (b) mapped from and to RuleML syntax. For representing the PSOA RuleML systematics of atoms, RCL employs keywords as follows: a (prefixing the predicate), emptup (denoting the empty tuple), thru (infixing any two final terms of a tuple), plus (infixing any two final descriptors, i.e. tuples or slots, of a descriptor sequence), of (prefixing any predicate-dependent descriptor sequence), with (prefixing any predicate-independent descriptor sequence), and alongside (infixing any two final of/with-prefixed descriptor sequences). Descriptor sequences scoping the same dependency kind are a novel feature which RCL brings into PSOA. For representing PSOA RuleML expressions, syntactically similar to atoms, RCL omits with and changes the keyword a to the (prefixing the function). Examples of PSOA RCL atoms and expressions are systematically developed and mapped to their presentation-syntax counterparts. The general mapping of atoms and expressions is defined by six equations pairing RCL templates with presentation-syntax templates. The progression to PSOA RCL rules is outlined and Assert/Query performatives for atoms are exemplified. For more information, see RuleML Controlled Language.