A Minimal Datalog Sublanguage

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--Athant (talk) 10:01, 7 March 2014 (AST)

1 Issue Description

There is an existing sublanguage that is the minimal sublanguage that can be created by combining existing modules (or options on the MYNG GUI http://ruleml.org/1.0/myng) while still containing Datalog. We might call this "Datalog min". Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 8.05.10 AM.png

The direct URL for this language is http://ruleml.org/1.0/relaxng/schema_rnc.php?backbone=x7&default=x7&termseq=x7&lng=x1&propo=x1&implies=x0&terms=x200&quant=x0&expr=x0&serial=xf (in Version 1.0) or http://deliberation.ruleml.org/1.01/relaxng/schema_rnc.php?backbone=x7&default=x7&termseq=x7&lng=x1&propo=x1&implies=x0&terms=x200&quant=x0&expr=x0&serial=xf (in Version 1.01)

I have published the drivers (relaxed and normal-form serialization) here: http://deliberation.ruleml.org/1.01/relaxng/datalog_min_relaxed.rnc, http://deliberation.ruleml.org/1.01/relaxng/datalog_min_relaxed.rnc and an example instance here: http://deliberation.ruleml.org/1.01/test/schema-test-suites/existential-rules-test-suite/datalog_min.ruleml

There is a problem in this implementation in regard to normalization. The Version 1.0 normalizer makes attributes with default values explicit. This includes material, mapMaterial, direction and mapDirection. However, we would like to leave these attributes out of the minimal Datalog sublanguage altogether. --Athant (talk) 10:28, 11 March 2014 (ADT)

2 Options

2.1 Option 1.

A simple solution to the normalization issue above is to allow attributes material, mapMaterial, direction and mapDirection to be present, according to the current normal form, but only allow the default values to be used (material = "yes", direction = "bidirectional", etc.) This is now implemented.

3 Discussion

4 Resolution

Option 1 has been implemented. See